Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pink, Ponytails, and Princesses

It's hard not to smile, really, knowing now that our third child is going to be a girl. We found out yesterday and I've been getting a mixture of sympathy and looks that say, "Good luck, buddy!" People have asked Megan if I'm disappointed. In a way I am, but I find it impossible to be told that I'm going to have a baby girl and be disappointed at that. I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm not going to have a son, but that's not the fault of this little girl. Now that I have her, I'm not going to waste any energy wishing she were something else.

There's something comically karmic about this. When Megan and I first talked about having children, I warned her that our chances of having a girl were slim. Girls are (were) rare on the Bittle side of the family. I only had a brother. My father only had brothers. For three generations only two girls were born to Bittles, my cousin Danille and my niece Alex, and both were outnumbered in their own households with two brothers each. So we decided that we would keep having children until we got our girl or an entire offensive line, whichever came first. So much for that.

So much, too, for my no princess rule, which was followed about as much as my rule limiting the color pink. Evidently, anything non-pink makes the girls look like boys. So with resigning myself to being the only boy in this house (even our dog is a girl) I also resign myself to a lifetime of the color pink, of near ear splitting squeals, of frilly nightgowns, of purses and high heel shoes that go clip clop loudly on the hardwood floors, of hair clips and headbands, of doll houses, and a whole world of girl stuff that they've yet to discover.

Go ahead, laugh at the stay-at-home dad who was handed three girls to take care of. I'm just barely qualified to raise children, but three girls? You know those tiny rubber bands that girls use to make their ponytails? My fingers are too fat and too clumsy to handle those. This morning I handed Clara her shoes and she said, "Daddy, these don't match what I'm wearing." Most disturbing is their favorite toy at Nana's house: their cell phones.

I'm in trouble.

I found the picture up there and liked how the little one seemed to be approaching the other two as if to say, "Here I come!" Plus, the little one reminds me of Clara. As they are all looking away, it plays on the mystery of what the girls will look like at that age. It also reminds me of the O'Brien-Wilson girls, stair-stepped like that and beautiful.

I can't wait to meet her...


david sarandria said...

I feel your pain brother - wife, daughter and two girl dogs here. We even got rid of the only other male in the house, the cat. I can be reached by phone for support :-)

Dmitri said...

I think you'd better start scheduling weekends away for copious beer-drinking, belching, eating fried foods, and watching mindless action movies. I volunteer to host the first, BTW.

Congratulations to the both of you. I'll try not to think of your life in their teen years. /shudders

Joel Bittle said...

Thanks for the support, fellas. I'll take you up on the offers in Vegas.

As for when they're teenagers, I think karma will once again make me its fool when boys are suddenly knocking at my door.

I have to practice my mean face.

A Buns Life said...

I won't laugh at you, I just feel a little bit sorry for you. The drama....oh the drama that will be at your house! wow.
I have one of each and I have several sets of friends that only have boys and they wish they had girls. I would take all boys in a heart beat over all girls...but this is coming from a mom. Boys always love their mommas. I'm already having major battles with my daughter and she is not quite 4. I do love the pink and pigtails though......

Anonymous said...

pregnant women should not read your blog. To many tears. I thought the little one was Clara. Can't wait to love the third girl, Kate taught me I can love them all just as passionatly as the first.

Michelle said...

Dude... you are so busted. Do I honestly have to resort to your blog to find out you are having a girl. Just for the record, I am not calling you anymore until you call me and tell me phone to phone. Seriously... not doing it. So you had better start dialing the number brother. (by the way, you know that you just doomed me to 3 boys now ... you know that right... I have a few words for you on this subject, but I will keep it child-friendly) ;)

Gregg said...

I have two daughters, and there won't be a third child. On top of that, my brother has no kids and won't be having any. My sister is married and has two kids, but all this adds up to my family name dying with me. I'm the end of the road! Periodically, that gives me little twinges of pain, but I actually wanted daughters and was happy the second was a daughter as well.

I actually feel more equipped to deal with the girls as stereotypically they are more arts inclined, rather than sports...as am I!

Plus, their cuteness has saved their lives on more than one occassion! (kidding, of course, no need to call the authorities)

However, your other responses are also correct...there is indeed MUCH drama!

Joel Bittle said...

Oops, I was supposed to wait to tell people until Megan told Michelle. Even though she's not going to find out what she's having, I've essentially just announced that she's having another boy, because, you know, they have to bring balance to the force or something. Sorry, Michelle.

@Bun - and girls do love their dads. So I have that going for me. And the two I have are already pouring on the drama thick.

@Jenny - sorry

@Gregg - Thanks for stopping by. It's always great to hear from another St. Louis SAHD. I love your blog, though I don't know how you get a quality post in every day. Very impressive.

Tracy said...

We can't wait to meet Little Miss Bittle either. :)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for another Bittle girl! When I told Davis he groaned and said "now I'm really outnumbered!" But he followed that up with "I'm still the biggest and it is good to be the biggest because you can help out more with the baby". :) when you need his assistance, just let me know!

Congrats! Nothing is cuter than 3 girls!

Cindy said...

Well, maybe baby #4 will be a boy....


Michelle said...

You will LUV it.
My sister has 3 girls and one boy. My brother-in-law was stoked about the boy, 4 kids was a bit of surprise. They planned on only 2.
Up until #4, the 3 girls ruled his world and he rockes at taking care of them. His house is run with pink, ribbons, shoes, Hannah Montana and pony-tails.
*mind you he is bald, and has not always been bald.

The boy, is the baby - he is subject to 3 older sisters. This equals= dresses, painted nails and camo.

Best of luck!
Looking forward to keeping up with the adventure.

Dana said...

OK, so I've been wanting a daughter to go with my two boys but now ... maybe I shouldn't?

Many congrats!

Kathy G said...

I'm the mother of three boys (now grown). Years ago I would have given anything for a girl, but my boys taught me how to be tough. Now NOTHING can gross me out!

Yes, I'm outnumbered. A couple of years ago we got two cats--litter mates. We thought we were picking a brother and sister, but ended up getting two males.

Sus said...

Just happened upon your blog. Congrats ... isn't it funny how princess rules or no (I had my own ideas, let me tell you!) they will be whoever they are regardless? I sometimes look at my kids and just marvel at these little people, complete no matter how I screw up, just formed where there was nothing before. Crazy. I'll keep reading - will like to meet this new daughter of yours. :)

Joel Bittle said...

Thanks everyone, especially those new to the blog. I'll be sure to post pictures of me drowning in pink and glitter as the years go by.

Farrell said...

When people talk about if they are having boys/girls, I always think about my friends who have struggled so hard to have just one! Really, healthy babies are the most important:)
That being said, my mom told me she always wanted three boys. I am her only child, and obv. a girl. Thanks, mom!:)