Monday, April 27, 2009

"Put the poop-in-the-pool show back on!"

Megan has a strange sense of humor and decided that it would be fun to watch a little Caddyshack with a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old while I was making dinner. From the kitchen, I could hear Megan laughing but didn't know what they were watching. She must have turned off the TV, because she came into the kitchen laughing as Kate, the 3-year-old, shouted, "Hey, put the poop-in-the-pool show back on!"

Me: What the heck were you watching?

Megan: Caddyshack!

Me: Tell me you didn't...

Not far behind Megan came 4-year-old Clara, visibly disturbed.

Megan: Honey, what's wrong?

Clara, bursting into tears: I don't like that show.

Me: There's a reason I take care of the kids.

Megan: Why didn't you like it?

Clara: Someone pooped in the pool! And that man put it in his mouth!

Megan: Oh, but it wasn't really poop, remember? It was a candy bar.

Clara, after thinking about it for a few seconds: But then it would be garbage, and you shouldn't put garbage in your mouth, either.

Me: That's true.

Clara got herself together and left the kitchen, leaving me with the opportunity to scold my wife for letting our kids watch Caddyshack. Soon, Clara came back in, still upset and looking like she was going to be sick.

Clara, whining: I can't stop thinking about it.

So there you go. We have now scarred our 4-year-old, who will no doubt think of that scene every time she gets in the pool. And our 3-year-old? She would like to see the "poop-in-the-pool" show again. Pretty much sums them up.