Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dad, through a daughter's eyes

1 week old: What is that blurry thing?

1 month old: There's that face again!

3 months old: It's that guy! I love that guy!

1 year old: "Dada"

2 years old: "Daddy"

3 years old: "Look at me, Daddy!"

6 years old: "Dad"

9 years old: "Dad, can I have some money?"

12 years old: "Daaaaaad! Don't embarrass me!

14 years old: "Dad, could you be any less cool?"

16 years old: "Daddy, can I have a car?"

18 years old: "Don't cry, Dad. I'll be home for Christmas break. And can I have some money?"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

With each new child (a parent's meditation)

With each new child

Everyday tasks are tougher

Quiet moments are rarer

Fuses are shorter

And the responsibilities weigh heavier

But the resolve is greater

Because their little faces couldn't be brighter

Nor their trust purer

So our task is clearer

And in this way a bit easier

Because the stakes couldn't be higher