Wednesday, December 03, 2008

With each new child (a parent's meditation)

With each new child

Everyday tasks are tougher

Quiet moments are rarer

Fuses are shorter

And the responsibilities weigh heavier

But the resolve is greater

Because their little faces couldn't be brighter

Nor their trust purer

So our task is clearer

And in this way a bit easier

Because the stakes couldn't be higher


Anonymous said...

There she is! That beautiful girl! I'm so excited for new pictures. And, I love that she is lounging on a quilt made by her aunt Traci. :) I wish we could find a time to see her in person.....

Give all the girls a hug!


Michelle said...

yeh!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow & hold that little bundle of joy. She is quite the combo of Clara & Kate. :)

Anonymous said...

Cil's Beautiful!!! And quite her own look. What great eyes! Did you write that? You're GOOD!