Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dad, through a daughter's eyes

1 week old: What is that blurry thing?

1 month old: There's that face again!

3 months old: It's that guy! I love that guy!

1 year old: "Dada"

2 years old: "Daddy"

3 years old: "Look at me, Daddy!"

6 years old: "Dad"

9 years old: "Dad, can I have some money?"

12 years old: "Daaaaaad! Don't embarrass me!

14 years old: "Dad, could you be any less cool?"

16 years old: "Daddy, can I have a car?"

18 years old: "Don't cry, Dad. I'll be home for Christmas break. And can I have some money?"


Suz said...

I love your Blog!

Anonymous said...

That picture, to quote my mother, is the "cutest picture in the whole wide world!" I agree...very cute. Reminds me of three other sisters I know...hint hint.