Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Praise of Fat Babies

Clara calls Cecilia, "The fattest baby in Missouri." While she'd give other chubby babies a run for their money, I'm not sure Clara and Kate weren't just as fat. A retrospective:





Auntie Tracy said...

The girls all look similar in size at the same age! How we forget as they grow up. The last picture of Cil, I have a picture of Kyle where they could easily be siblings!! I will email it to you.

Kiss them for me, please.

Anonymous said...

i love those faces, Cil has the biggest most beautiful eyes......miss them

Anonymous said...

I love those chubby Bittle girls! Maybe you should have another one so we can see if you can make one that is even bigger!

-the other Aunt Traci

Joel Bittle said...

Congratulations, Jenny, on your new nephew!