Monday, August 24, 2009

You're Mine, Marshmallow

While "Uncle" Marty was over for dinner the other night, I went into the kitchen to get the girls some dessert. Kate followed me in and peeked her eyes over the counter to watch me scoop rocky road ice cream into their bowls.

Kate: What kind of ice cream is it?

I tipped the carton up so she could see inside.

Kate: Mmmmmm, chocolate. What's the white stuff?

Me: That's marshmallow.

Kate. Mmmmmm, marshmallow.

With the bowls full, I placed a spoon in each one and handed Kate's to her. She licked her lips (she actually does this - you'll see in a picture below) and started to walk out of the kitchen. She spoke to her bowl as she was leaving.

Kate: You're mine, Marshmallow.

It's my new favorite phrase.

On another note, Clara celebrated her fifth birthday this weekend with a special date for tea with Jen on Saturday and a pool party with her friends on Sunday. Picture party:

Clara and Jen dressed for their tea

Lucy looks on as Clara savors the moment

Miles' lips are blue because it was a cool day and our pool is not heated

"I'll take that"

Clara claims she's going to marry Miles. She chose well.

Clara's been talking about this day since her 4th birthday

Cecilia would like some cake, please

"You're mine, birthday cake"


Mark Schulte, Jr. said...

Thanks for having us over... we had a great time.

kyle said...

i wish i could of stayed longer to see that. ;)