Monday, October 15, 2007

a kid, some trains, and some good light

Last month, my cousin Shauna Bittle, who lives in Nashville, stopped over for a night on her way to a photojournalism project in NW Missouri. Shauna is a talented photojournalist whose work can be seen online here. Go give her pictures a look-see. She and the girls share a mutual affection, and I get to sit back and watch the girls swarm all over Shauna.

The morning after her arrival she took a series of pictures of Clara playing with trains on my desk. The morning light was coming through the office window, and the effect on the pictures makes it seem that Clara's entire world was the desk and the trains. You can tell how talented a photographer Shauna is in these pictures. I compiled them into a slide-show video above. Hit play in the bottom left of the video box.


Chris said...

Joel and Shauna, you guys sure know how to make an uncle cry. That piece was absolutely beautiful. I loved the touch of Kate checking out the trains at the end.

We love all of you guys and anticipate the next time we can see you again. Joel, I'll see you in Vegas.

Please give our kisses to the girls!

Joel Bittle said...

Yeah, though I love all the pictures, Kate's brief appearance is my favorite part - the comic relief of the slide show. If you look, on some pictures it looks like Clara has 3 hands - that's Kate reaching up to grab a train.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. How's Surprise, Arizona?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shauna for sharing your breathtaking talent. These pictures touch my soul.

shauna said...

Hi Gina, Hi Chris. Thank you both for your comments. It was a nice morning.