Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"I'll save these for my wedding"

Newsflash: Little girls obsess. It's part of the spice of my day that I don't know what they're going to obsess over. Sometimes they obsess over a movie they've seen, as when after watching one of the Shrek movies Kate walked around yelling, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden extensions!" Lately both girls are obsessing over who they are going to marry. It seems a bit early for this obsession, but what can a father do?

A recent conversation in the car:

Clara: Daddy, I'm going to marry Nathan.

Me: You think so?

Clara: Can I marry him?

Me: Nathan is a nice boy but you have many many years until you get married. Best to keep your options open.

Clara: Maybe I'll marry Miles.

Me: Maybe.

Kate: Daddy, can I marry a girl?

Uh oh. How to handle this? I want her to be open and accepting, but I don't want her to obsess over it, telling all her friends and teachers that she's going to marry a girl.

Me: Usually a girl marries a boy, but every once in a while a girl decides to marry a girl, and that's OK.

Kate: Then I'm going to marry Lucy.

Me: She'd be lucky to have you.

On a related note, the other evening Kate was picking out what big girl underwear she was going to wear to sleep in and held up her ruffled fancy pants.

Kate: Can I wear these?

Megan: Those are too fancy to wear for night time.

Kate (putting them back in her dresser): OK, I'll save these for my wedding.

Lucky Lucy.


Anonymous said...

I never realized I'd made such an impression on Clara! I'm touched that you & Meg think of me as a "nice boy" - it's really just a shame that I'll be so OLD by the time Clara is ready to wed! ;-) (Oh, that and I'd have to ditch Michelle...) Ha ha!!

Joel Bittle said...

While you are a nice boy, Nathan, I'm pretty sure Clara was referring to her neighbor, who is five. At least I hope so. Otherwise I would have said something like, "Uh, Uncle Nathan is married to Aunt Michelle. He's taken. Besides, don't you think Andrew, Justin, or Ryan would be a little closer to your age?"

Mark Schulte, Jr. said...

Another great post Joel.

One nice perk if Lucy and Kate get together would be that they would fit right in on the LPGA Tour. And that would mean lots of golf for me me & Joel ;-)

So I'm if the the girls want to 'swing' that way.

Nikki Lemkemeier said...

I think Nathan already accepted with that big kiss last weekend :) Love it.

Joel Bittle said...

Awesome, Mark. You win.

Auntie Tracy said...

Joel... Nathan and Mark.... this post was one of the best ever... but the comments to follow made my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Rock on Kate and Lucky Lucy.