Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome Cecilia James Bittle

Our life has officially become a sit-com. Cecilia James was born on Thursday, October 30 at 5:59 am. Mother and daughter are healthy and happy. Clara thought the new baby was interesting but was more excited about going trick-or-treating. Kate was smitten with her new sister immediately, kissing her over and over. Some pictures:

And some obligatory Halloween pics:

Ladybug, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, and Handy Manny (aka Kate, Lucy, Clara, and Miles):

The sad face of candy over-consumption:


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Davis said "When do we get to meet her in person?" Guess we'll have to work on that.

Loved the Halloween pictures too!

Michelle said...

She looks just like her sisters! Can't wait to meet her soon. Love to all of you!

Shannon said...

Cecelia is beautiful and it sounds like the girls are very sweet with her!

I'm so glad that the kids got to go out together on Halloween! We had so much fun, definitely our best one yet! Just think next year, instead of 4 we'll have 6 between us.

Take care!

Stuarts said...

Congratulations on Cecelia, Joel. She's beautiful.

A Buns Life said...


Farrell said...


Lisa said...

She is beautiful. (And I love the name!) Congrats. Am so happy and excited for you and the rest of the fam.

Dana said...

Congrats, papa! You have a beautiful family.

Bill Miles said...

Congratulations on Cecelia. SI Class of 2026? :-X