Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby Cosmo

Clara and Kate are now well aware that there's a baby brewing in Megan's belly. Last week we asked Clara what we should name the baby. She took a break from coloring for a second, looked up in thought, and said, "Cosmo." Then went back to coloring.

OK. Cosmo.

It could be worse. Mia Williams chose to call her little brother-to-be "doorknob." Dmitri and Cindy went with "Jack" instead. So, all things considered, Cosmo is just fine.

Last week I asked Clara if she wanted a little brother or a little sister. She said, "I want a little brother. I already have a little sister." Good point.

Kate is obsessed with Mommy's belly. She tries to look in Megan's belly button to see Cosmo. Some Kate quotes:
"Cosmo's in your belly, Mommy."
"Can I kiss him?"
"He has toys in there."
"I want to give him a hug."

When Megan is getting dressed in the morning, Kate comes up and pats Megan's belly like she is playing the belly drum. That's why Cosmo is flashing the "rock on" sign up there in the ultrasound. I have a feeling Kate is going to like being a big sister.

Disclosure: That's not really Cosmo up there. Cosmo's real gesture wasn't appropriate for a family blog.


Anonymous said...

The picture is adorable and amazing at the same time! So is the baby a boy, as the girls keep referring to it as, or is it a girl? Or are you waiting to find out?

Love always,

Michelle said...

Rock on little Cosmo! Cute about Kate. My boys currently inherited dolls to play with and practice upon. Andrew loves his baby. Justin couldn't care less. Both boys have not ceased headbutting me in the belly. Today Justin hit me with spatulas. Seriously, my baby & belly could use a little love right now.