Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Overheard at the Bittle Household

Kate: Good morning, sissy.
Clara: Good morning, Kate.
Kate: I'm drinking milk.
Clara: It's raining. We can't play outside.
Kate: Oh.

Clara: Thank you for not slamming the door on my finger, Daddy.
Me: You're welcome.

Kate: Hi, Daddy.
Me: Hello, beautiful.
Kate: I'm not boo-ful.
Me: You're not?
Kate: No, I'm Kate!

Clara: (riding fast on her tricycle) ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Me: Who wants to watch Shrek?
Kate: ME!
Clara: ME! But I don't like the part I don't like.
Me: What part is that?
Clara: The part I don't like.
Me: OK... Why don't you like it?
Clara: It's scary.
Me: It is? Which part scares you?
Clara: The part I don't like.

Kate: Superhero to the rescue!

(picking Kate up at Kids Day Out)
Me: Pssst, Kate.
Kate: Daddy!
Me: Ready to go?
Kate: (turning back to the other kids) Bye, friends!

(at the dinner table:)
Me: Clara! What do you say?
Clara: Cowabunga!

Kate: (taking my hand) Come on, Daddy.
Me: Where are we going?
Kate: Grandma's house.
Me: Oh yeah? Where's Grandma's house?
Kate: Over here.
Me: I've been wanting to see Grandma.
Kate: Ta-da!
Me: Oh, is this Grandma's house? Where's Grandma?
Kate: (after thinking for a second) Sacramento.

Clara: Mommy, my tummy says I can't eat any more.
Megan: Oh, yeah? I was going to give you some ice cream.
Clara: Mommy, my tummy says it would like some ice cream.
Megan: I thought it might.

(last night, while walking side by side up the stairs:)
Clara: I love you, Kate.
Kate: I love you, sissy.


Michelle said...

So sweet... I love your girls. I love our kids. I can't wait to see you!!!

SoccerMom said...

cowabunga! That is too funny! Now dad who taught them that?? :o)

Joel Bittle said...

I honestly do not know where she got the Cowabunga or the Rock and Roll! Is the babysitter showing her episodes of The Simpsons?

Tracy bittle said...

I love it. I miss them so much!

Traci said...

Love the pictures. Can't wait to get my hands on those girls this summer!

david sarandria said...

I love it when your kids tell you they love you, etc. Makes all the bad moments fly out the window. Your girls are sweet. Hope we can meet them someday!

Joel Bittle said...

Uh oh, I foresee an aunt Trac(y)(i) tug-o-war. Not sure who I'd put my money on in that one.

Thanks, Dave. When your brewery tour (or whatever excuse you want) brings you through St. Louis, I'd love to introduce you. Or maybe my travels will take me back through Michigan sometimes soon...

Oh, heck, let's just meet in Vegas.