Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frosting Fingers and Sandy Toes

My efforts to slow or even stop time have proved a failure and last week Kate celebrated her first birthday. I know what you're thinking: She was just born! I know! It was just the other day, wasn't it? Well, the blobby baldy has grown into a sweet but stubborn little girl who is trying hard to be able to walk like her sister. We planned a trip to Florida on her Birthday, excited to share it with Megan's parents, Tony and Susan. On the night before, we had a mini-celebration with my dad and lots of cupcakes. Kate at first eyed her cupcake suspiciously and moved her fingers over and through the frosting. After she put her fingers in her mouth her demeanor changed. She swiped the top off the cupcake and shoved it in her mouth. Before she had the chance to chew, she grabbed the rest of the cupcake and found room in her mouth for it. One cupcake - two bites. We had to force feed her milk to help her swallow it.

The next day, we flew down to Delray Beach, Floriday to spend a week in the sun and surf. After a couple of days of poor weather Clara discovered that the beach is her new happy place. With a permanent grin on her face she danced through the surf or jumped into the pool or played with her Nana and Papa. At the end of the day she poured herself into someone's arms before falling asleep. A week was too short, and as our plane took off Clara yelled out the window, "BYE NANA, BYE PAPA!"


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness they are getting so big! And I just saw them. That last picture of Clara reminds me of a little Megan in that sundress. It's killing me! Move back to California - I promise them lots of beaches and cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I second the beaches and cupcakes promise!