Monday, October 23, 2006

Open Story Thread

Since I started sharing stories of Toddler antics I've received several emails from people with some of the funniest toddler stories I've read. I'm starting this open thread for those readers who would like to share their best stories. I will try to bookmark it on the side so it's always there. Just add to it when something funny happens.

Congratulations to new parents Tom and Allison Burns and Jeff and Jen Wall: Colleen Nora Burns and Sierra Murphy Wall were born this past month. All our best to your families and we hope you all get some sleep. Megan and I wish we could be there to see the new ones in person. We all look forward to hearing of your adventures here. On the way are second babies from Dmitri and Cindy Williams and Ernie and Ense Kwan - let's hear some Mia and Lauren stories.

I'll start the funny stories with a short but sweet one: Last week the Bittles were driving home after spending some time with Jenny and Todd. I had given Clara some apple juice to drink but she finished it before we got in the car. Halfway home, about 15 minutes later, Clara let out a little toddler burp. There was a pause, then Clara said delightedly, "Apples!"

I'll let Megan share how she let slip a word Clara shouldn't repeat, and how Clara used it quite correctly in a new sentence.

Tom, Colleen, and Allison Burns

Jeff, Sierra, and Jen Wall

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Michelle Etter said...

I have a million that I have already sent to you - feel free to post any of them that you would like. In the meantime here are some short conversations I have had with Andrew (who is recently two) in the past 2 hours. Frankly talking with any two year old is funny.

Andrew - "This corn is tricky mom "(as he tries to scoop up the bottom of the bowl)
me -" do you need my help? here I will pile it up & you can scoop it out"
Andrew - "Thank you mom for teaching me. "

Seriously... is that conversation for real?

OR this is a new way Andrew is trying to get my attention.

"Mommy Etter!"

Apparently I am supposed to be dumb enough not to recognize my child calling me, unless he calls me by my last name. Good clarification Andrew.